Jun 032012

Su segnalazione del nostro specialista di Mount&Blade, jabdimelborn, riportiamo l’uscita di una nuova patch per M&B Warband (versione 1.153).

Degna di nota l’aggiunta di due mappe per il multiplayer, di cui potete ammirare alcuni screenshots!

Il changelog completo:

– Troop AI for choosing weapon for different situations has been updated.
– Ranged troop AI not being able to choose a target under certain circumstances bug has been fixed.
– New operations for modders.
– Some fixes and operation enhancements for modders.

Single player:
– Town economies are now more balanced.
– Several other bug fixes.

– Two new multiplayer maps have been added: Canyon and Desert Town.
– HTTP communication has been rewritten due to connection issues reported by players.

La patch è liberamente scaricabile dal sito ufficiale Talesword.

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